Young man’s first gaming chair? Experience in entry-level esports chair purchase

First of all, do a good job of buying homework, ergonomic chair to buy what to see?

1, highly

2. Pressure bar

3. Materials & workmanship

4. Functionality


The primary factor of desks and chairs of choose and buy is difference on any account, rather than material. A comfortable, ergonomic sitting position will make working and studying less tiring and will protect your spine better. As for height selection, you can refer to online recommendations and then adapt according to your height.

Of course, if the table does not take the lifting adjustment, it is best to choose a chair that can adjust the height, for adaptation.

Pneumatic rod

If there is a need to buy ergonomic chair, how to look at the parameters? The core component of the chair with lifting function is the air pressure bar related to safety. Maybe you have seen the rumor of the chair exploding on the Internet before, but it is really not frightening…

The principle of pressure bar is not complicated, mainly depends on the workmanship technology, generally speaking, pressure bar to have SGS, BIFMA certification, SGS certification body will be based on standards, regulations, customer requirements and other conditions of the product review certification service, safety is very strong, there is no big problem with the pressure bar certification.

Materials & Workmanship

In terms of materials, for high-end products, there are details and considerations everywhere. To the product that pursues cost performance nevertheless, the steel thickness that basically still is core component and chair soft bag uses mastows two respects. Especially the e-sports chair, the safety of steel materials and welding work is the first consideration, followed by the quality of the soft package is environmental protection, solid material.


In terms of workmanship, it is necessary to look at whether the welding and cloth stitching are exquisite or not, which is a test of the degree of intention to do products.


The function of the chair most essential is to let you sit comfortably, around this center, how to sit more comfortable, use more convenient is the issue that functional sex considers.


A variety of engineering chairs have different shapes, including adjustable headrest, lifting armrest, adjustable waist pillow… Wait a series of what you can think of to let you more comfortable package into the element in the chair, chair manufacturer wants to be all ready to you, when choose and buy, see oneself demand what went. Although seat comfort is a very subjective reference factor, it is a harsh condition that the above several aspects are done well to achieve.

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