Which one is better to buy a computer chair, nylon feet or steel feet?

Nylon feet.

Under normal circumstances, chair lifts with nylon feet have better durability. Computer chairs are divided into steel feet and nylon feet. Steel feet will cause damage to the wooden floor. Generally, they will be equipped with corresponding rubber cushions. The nylon will not cause damage to the floor, and it is relatively cheap and practical.

The cost of steel five-claw is relatively low, supplemented by the electroplating process, the appearance has been greatly improved. The main difference in workmanship is whether the five-jaw tube wall material is used solidly. For steel pipes, check whether the pipe wall is too thin. If it is too thin or the five-jaw material is insufficient, there is basically no problem with the static load bearing, but the instantaneous load bearing is poor, and the durability will also deteriorate.


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