Which chair is good for the cervical and lumbar spine?

Your health is yours, and it’s really gone if you don’t! You can do it by changing your consciousness + making good use of tools. The non-ergonomic chair and office chair are the tools to assist in the correct sitting posture (matched with a table of appropriate height).

Optimal match: Liftable table + ergonomic chair

The reason why it is called an ergonomic chair is because the human spine has a natural curvature. The design of the back and seat surface of the chair can make the chair fit the human body and make it easier for the user to maintain the correct sitting posture. The supporting part provides support , Don’t exert too much effort on the relaxed part, so that you can sit more comfortably.

The sitting posture of most people is not standard, and the height of the chair and table is not suitable for them, the shoulder and neck, lumbar spine, and even the pelvis of long-term desk workers will have varying degrees of problems. Looking at this picture, the pressure on the lumbar spine in the sitting posture is much higher than that in the standing posture, and the lumbar spine problems will be more prominent.

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