What is the probability of a swivel chair exploding? A specific introduction to the swivel chair exploding.

Swivel chair explosion refers to the sudden explosion of a pneumatic lift type swivel chair. Air-lifting swivel chairs are currently commonly used office chairs by domestic companies. In early 2009, a news about the sudden explosion of air-lifting swivel chairs was widely circulated on the Internet. Many white-collar workers were on pins and needles, worried that similar things would happen to them.

Furniture production and sales companies believe that most of the explosions are “cottage swivel chairs” that imitate the production of formal enterprises. It was the air pressure rod of the swivel chair that exploded. The air pressure rod is shaped like an air cylinder, and the height of the swivel chair is controlled by adjusting the air valve. The currently widely used pneumatic lifting swivel chair is a product upgraded from a screw-type swivel chair around 2000.

Regular manufacturers fill the air pressure rod with nitrogen, while some manufacturers fill it with air to reduce the cost. Since the air contains oxygen, an oxidation reaction will occur over time, causing an explosion. At present, the relevant domestic departments have not formulated technical rules for the production and testing of pneumatic rods and other parts. There is no unified detection link for the gas composition in the swivel chair. In addition, a leak in the pneumatic rod may also cause an explosion, but the probability is unlikely.

Experts said that the pneumatic chair lift relies on high-pressure nitrogen, but some black-hearted factories are filled with high-pressure air to save money. This type of chair has poor safety.

There are three situations where the air pressure rod may explode:

First, the purity of the nitrogen in the pressure rod is insufficient, and it may explode in a high temperature environment or frequent friction;

Second, the container wall of the air pressure rod is not strong enough or the material is poor, and it may explode;

The third situation is that the sealing is not tight, causing gas to burst out. It is recommended that when choosing a lift swivel chair, you must choose regular products through regular channels to protect your legal rights and interests.

What is the probability of a swivel chair exploding? This situation is still relatively rare, but there are also factors that may occur for small probability events. Therefore, when buying products, quality and safety are very important. Do not buy fakes to save money. brand. The specific introduction of the swivel chair explosion introduces several situations to you, so for situations with a relatively low probability, you still need to know some specific little common sense, after all, there is a probability of occurrence.


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