How to repair the office chair lifter when it is broken?

If the office chair with the lifting function cannot be lifted or lowered, the gas rod must be broken. How to repair the office chair ?

If you are not a professional, you’d better buy a new chair. Because this is dangerous.

Commonly seen computer chairs have two types: screw rod lifting and air pressure lifting. The computer chair you describe is air lifting.

The seat can realize height adjustment within a limited range by adding a spring installed on the column and a cylinder sleeved on the column. There must be a phenomenon that the seat cannot be adjusted in height, which means that the spring is good and the cylinder is broken.

Commonly, the throttle valve connected to the height-adjusting wrench is out of seal, causing the cylinder to leak air. The main reason is the aging or wear of the sealing ring of the throttle valve. Maintenance is to try to replace the same seal ring.

1. First, use a screwdriver to remove the 4 screws on the back of the seat plate, so that the seat plate and the base can be separated.

2. Grasp the fixed iron plate with your hands and lift it up, then gently knock the chassis down with a hammer, separate the fixed iron plate from the chassis, and then turn the bottom plate upside down, and use a flat-blade screwdriver to pry off the circlip in the middle of the chassis , Grab the lifter and lift it up to separate the lifter from the chassis.

3. To disassemble the buckle office chair lifter, first turn the swivel chair over, use a nail to hook the buckle of the broken wheel’s iron core, and gently knock it down with a hammer. The threaded method is even simpler, just unscrew the screw, and then turn the wheel down.

4.Get a new chair

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