How to install a gaming chair with footrest by girls?

I bought a  gaming chair online a few days ago, but when the goods arrived, I had to install it on my own, as well as the installation diagram. After more than an hour of research, I finally got my “baby “It’s installed! Finally I can play the game happily~ Now I will write down my entire installation steps, I hope it will be helpful to some friends.

1.When the package is received, first check whether the package is in good condition (I will say one more thing here), and after the check is complete, we will proceed to the next step.

2.Next, install the tripod first, and install the tripod and rubber wheels. Here you should pay attention to check whether the safety lock of the wheel is intact.

3.After installing the tripod, we will install the armrest of the seat. When installing the armrest, pay attention to the tightness of the screw. It should not be too tight or too loose. The armrest will move when it is loose, and it will slip when it is tight.

4.After installing the armrests, we start to install the most important component-the seat cushion. When installing, just connect the seat cushion and the tripod. Although this step is the most important, it is not difficult.

5.After the seat cushion is installed, it is time to install the backrest. The backrest and the seat are connected by a steel bar. After the steel bar is connected, the steel bar and the seat cushion are connected.

6.Now connect the steel bar to the backrest, and pay attention to the tightness of the screws when connecting. In addition to this, you must also pay attention and remember to install the decorative cover.

7.Now that is basically completed, there is only the last step left, which is to install the pillow. The installation of the pillow can also be placed in the fifth step. The installation of the pillow is very simple, just tighten a triangular screw by hand.


Pay attention to the operation of the backrest and the up and down operation

Do not put more than the weight on the seat to avoid accidents


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