How to fix the broken chair? Office chair is broken repair repair method

I believe that the office chair is the most common place where everyone works. Although it is said that there is usually no disturbance at work, it is unavoidable that the office chair malfunctions. And many friends on the Internet will ask the same question, which is office chair repair. How to repair the broken office chair?

1. Office chair repair-repair steps
1. Align the chair and remove its base

The office swivel chair is on a flat surface, and make sure it is in a horizontal position. Remove the fastening clip on the bottom of the seat, and then take off the foundation. If the foundation of the bolt or nut is fixed, it can be loosened and removed with a suitable wrench.

2. Chairs in the examination room

see if the chair is damaged. If other damaged parts occur, refer to the instructions and replace them in the correct way.

3, delete the existing cylinder

Clamp the gas cylinder tube, open it, and loosen the cylinder until it easily falls off. Be careful not to pull it forcibly, otherwise it may damage other parts of the chair.

4. Install a new cylinder

Purchase a new cylinder. Make sure to choose suitable replacement parts.

5. Reassemble the chairman

Use a wrench to tighten all bolts and nuts and delete. After the entire chair is reassembled, check whether the gas cylinder is working properly by adjusting the height of the seat.

2. Office chair repair—replacement method of lifting rod
Generally, in many cases, the packaging process is damaged because the lifting rod is broken, and the solution is to replace it.

1. Turn the computer chair lift upside down, use a hammer to remove the base of the chair, preferably a rubber hammer, a metal hammer can easily knock off the paint and leave small pits. Take a hammer and strike hard along the steel ring at the bottom, then break.

2. Then there is the hydraulic ejector and the upper seat, and also use a hammer.

3. Use a screwdriver to remove the upper seat before knocking to facilitate subsequent work.

4. In the same way, take a hammer and smash the metal site hard, hold the hydraulic ejector rod in one hand, and step on it with your foot to remove it and replace it with a new one.

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