How to adjust the back of an office chair?

Office desks and chairs can be adjusted in the following ways:

To adjust a back chair, you must first understand the specific position of the chair back adjustment handle. The work of adjusting the swing range of the chair back is generally set in the black cylinder in front of the chair air rod. Of course, there are also individual shapes, but generally the cylinder is mainly used by rotating this rod. The swing range or height of the chair can be adjusted; and the inclination of the back chair is adjusted by pushing the pull rod under the right hand armrest; during the adjustment process, there is no need to worry about whether the adjustment will become more uncomfortable, because the current office chair is Combining the theory of “ergonomics”, the correct sitting posture that is most suitable for the human body is continuously developed to upgrade office equipment and facilities to achieve the purpose of improving work efficiency;

After understanding the setting of the chair back adjustment, we can adjust it according to personal office habits. First, look for the position of the handle protruding from the part of the support rod under the office chair cushion. Sitting on the chair cushion, gently press down on the handle while turning the handle and apply it slightly. Slowly lower the strength; the raised chair cushion can be shaken back and forth and slowly raised until it is adjusted to the most suitable height; the tilt of the back of the chair is also based on this method, the difference is the adjustment handle;

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