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When it comes to choosing which chair is the best fit, it can be overwhelming. Trying to decide which features you need, what upholstery material is best suited for your needs if you need a high back chair or a headrest, or which computer chair provides the most comfort is daunting. To make the choice easier, check out the most popular big and tall chairs based on customer reviews.

What characteristics do you look for in a good chair?
Some characteristics are essential for a decent chair, regardless of how it will be used:

Adjustability – Make sure the seat height can be adjusted.
Check the seat height range to see if it can be changed to the height advised for the worker(s) who will be using it. For particularly short or tall employees, alternate chairs may be required. A user should be able to sit with their feet on the floor or on a footrest without feeling pressure on the underside of their thighs in the ideal situation.
Backrest – Make sure the backrest is adjustable vertically, as well as in the front and backward directions, and that it provides solid lumbar support without creating pressure points that limit blood flow. The backrest should be the right height and width to provide support while allowing you to move about freely.

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and other cahatestics is Seat depth, Seat width , Seat angle, Seat surface , Armrests, Stability and so on.

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Other aspects to think about
Check to see whether the chair you’ve chosen has any characteristics that will make it easier for you to execute your work. Computer operators benefit from arm rests that may be adjusted in height. Depending on the worker’s size and the jobs they perform, wider or narrower arm rests may be required.
Check to see whether the chair you’ve chosen has any attributes that will make completing a task more difficult. Someone might, for example, be sitting in a chair with casters or wheels when a stable and immobile work position would be preferable. If you need caster chairs, get ones that match the sort of flooring you have (e.g., hard casters for carpeting or soft casters for hard floors). Determine whether or not caster brakes are required.
Wherever possible, the controls should be able to be operated from a seated position, and their placement and operation should be sensible. 

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