Deep maintenance of pu leather gaming chairs

PU leather gaming chairs have become a must-have household item for many of us and families. So for the PU leather  gaming chair, how should we maintain it. Can he use it longer?

First Maintenance of PU surface-daily cleaning and precautions for use

1. Clean with water and detergent, avoid scrubbing with organic solvents such as gasoline, alcohol, etc.

2. Cannot be dry cleaned

3. Can only be washed with water, and the washing temperature cannot exceed 40 degrees

4.cannot be exposed to sunlight

5.Do not hit or wear with sharp irons, etc.

6. For normal cleaning, first wipe the surface dust with warm water, and then spray the leather cleaner on a damp cloth. Then use leather care (furniture waxing or maintenance is fine) and rub it with a dry cloth in circular motions

Second, the maintenance of skeleton sponge-how to prevent problems such as collapse and mildew

1. Avoid sun exposure

2. Avoid long-term exposure to cold and humid places

Third. Maintenance of accessories-avoid strong impacts on plastic parts, and avoid scratches on metal parts

1.The parts such as the armrest frame and the wheel of the cover are made of plastic. During use, avoid strong impact

2. five-star base chassis are basically made of metal, so avoid scratching with sharp objects

Our gaming chair has 7 ergonomic designs: it can lie down at 180 degrees, rotate 360 degrees, backrest system, 4D soft-faced armrests, lifting function, easy function, with headrest and lumbar support.

   These are all ergonomically designed functions. In the process of using us, you can stay away from the fatigue and pain of the cervical and lumbar spine after sitting for a long time.

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